Artistic Works Preparation
Printing Products Design
Color Separation Services
Reproduction Audio Recordings on Various Recording Media
Reproduction Video Recordings on Various Recording Media
Reproduction Software and Data on Discs and Tapes
Copying of Computer Software
Stained Glass Forming
Metals Coloring and Engraving
Personal Metal Products Engraving
String Musical Instruments Manufacturing
Instrument Parts and Accessories Manufacturing
Recreational and Reduced-Size Models and Similar Manufacturing
Office Machines and Calculators Maintenance and Repairing
Repair and maintenance of photocopy machines
Repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment, printing presses
Maintenance and repair of robots and their systems
Repair and maintenance of electro medical  equipment
Electronic Apparatuses and Equipment Repairing
Maintenance and repair of jamming equipment and systems
Repair And Maintenance of Space Vehicles
Repair and maintenance Via Vending Equipment
Entertainment Halls Apparatuses and Equipment Repairing and Maintenance
Maintenance of mixed reality and digital simulation devices
Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
Installation of bowling alley equipment
Telecommunication Systems Equipment Installation and Maintenance
Radiology Equipment and Apparatuses Installation and Maintenance
Installation and maintenance of equipment and instrumentation and control
Work measurement and space
Computer Infrastructure Establishment, Institution and Maintenance
Fiber Optic Networks Installation and Maintenance
Radio, Television, Cinema And Theatre Equipment And Apparatuses Installation And Maintenance
Security & Surveillance Systems Installation & Maintenance
Television And Satellite Channel Receivers Installation And Maintenance
Internal Communication Network Installation & Maintenance
Underwater Telecommunications & Power Cables Installation & Maintenance Services
Electrical Installation for Public and Private events
Fixing Boards Along Internal And External Roads
Installation automated and revolving doors And Automatic Barriers
Electronic Parking Management Systems Installation & Maintenance
Commercial Agent
Loyalty and Discount Cards Issuance Services
Trading Cards Issuance, Sale and Substitution Services
Wholesale of Space Vehicles Trading
Trade audio and video and recording and supplies – Wholesale
Wholesale of Aerials and Receivers Trading
Wholesale of Photographic and Optic Apparatuses Trading
Wholesale of Office Tools Trading
Wholesale of Musical Instruments Trading
Wholesale of Books Trading
Wholesale of Education Media and Models Trading
Wholesale of Video Games Console Trading
Wholesale of Games And Baby Toys Trading
Wholesale of Congratulation and Invitation Card Trading
Wholesale of Multi-dimensional Photo Trading
Wholesale of Photographic Films and Material Trading
Wholesale of Newspapers and Magazines Trading
Wholesale of Cameras and Related Equipment Trading
Audio Recordings Wholesale
Visual Recordings Wholesale
Video Games Wholesale Trading
Parties and events accessory Wholesale Trading
Wholesale of Computers And Related Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Computer Systems And Software Trading
Wholesale of Computer Networking Tools and Accessories
Wholesale of Computer and Data Processing Equipment  Trading
Wholesale trading of Smart Systems
Wholesale trading of multi-dimensional Printers
Wholesale of Telecommunication Equipment Trading
Trading of telecommunication equipment – wholesale
Wholesale of Precise Electronic Devices Trading
Wholesale of specialized exploration and photography electronic devices
Wholesale of Equipment Trading Of Television Satellite Channel Receivers
Electronic Card Wholesale
Wholesale of Electronic Valves And Pipes Trading
Wholesale of Semi-Condensers Trading
Wholesale of Complementary Foils And Circles
Wholesale of Audio-Visual Empty Tapes And Discs Trading
Wholesale of Spare Parts Trading Of Electrical And Electronic Devices
Wholesale of Radar Devices Trading
Wholesale of Electronic And Normal Safes Trading
Wholesale of GPS Systems Trading
Jamming Equipment Wholesale
Encryption Equipment Wholesale
Wholesale of Laser Show Equipment and Devices
Wholesale of Fireworks Shows Equipment and Tools
Wholesale of Printing Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Measurement and Control Equipment and Devices Trading
Wholesale of UAS Trading
Wholesale of Scientific and Practical Equipment and Devices Trading
Wholesale of advertisement Media and Instruments Trading
Wholesale Trading of Radio and Television Equipment
Wholesale of Vending Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Office and Machinery Equipment Trading
Wholesale of Packaging and Wrapping Equipment Trading
Wholesale Trading of Calculators and Statistics and their Accessories
Wholesale Trading of Typewriter and Photocopier and their Accessories
Wholesale Trading of E-gates and Barriers
Equipment and Accessories Trading of E-Games and Entertainment Halls
Wholesale Trading of Photo Film Development Equipment and its Accessories
Wholesale Trading of Clearance Machines and Maintenance
Wholesale Trading of Alarm And Monitor Devices And Equipment
Wholesale Trading of Alarm And Monitor Devices Spare Parts And Equipment
Wholesale Trading of  Simulators and Training Equipment and Maintenance
Wholesale Trading of Artificial Intelligence Robots
Wholesale Trading of Boxes and Packets
Wholesale Trading of Traffic and Guiding Boards and Accessories
Wholesale Trading of Electric Equipment And Fittings
Wholesale Trading of Wires and Cables
Electronic and Electric Waste Trading
Wholesale Trading of  Photo Film Development Material
Wholesale Trading of Ink and Printing Material
Paper Wholesale Trading
Cardboard Wholesale Trading
Wholesale Trading of Packaging and Wrapping Material
Wholesale Trading of Specialized Photography Equipment, Tools and Accessories
Wholesale Trading of Fiber-Optic Products and Accessories
Antiques, Collectibles and Original Artwork Trading
Retail Sale of Calculators and Statistics Devices and their Accessories
Retail Sale of Typewriters, Photocopy Machines and Their Accessories
Retail Sale of Computers And Their Accessories
Retail Sale of Computer Systems And Software
Retail Sale of Computer Accessories And Data Processing
Retail Sale of Computer Networks Fittings
Retail Sale of E-games and Entertainment Hall Equipment and Apparatuses
Retail Sale of Land Phones And Wired Communication Devices
Retail Sale of wireless equipment and tools
Retail Sale of Jamming Equipment
Retail Sale of Encryption Equipment
Retail Sale of Jamming Software
Retail Sale of Encryption Software
Retail Sale of Smart Devices & Spare Parts
Retail of Smart Systems
Retail of multi-dimensional printers
Retail Sale of  Audio-visual and Recording Apparatuses and Accessories
Retail Sale of Radio and Television Equipment
Retail Sale of Amplifiers and Accessories
Retail Sale of specialized exploration and photography electronic devices
Retail Sale of Electrical Wires and Cables
Retail Sale of Décor and Partitions Material
Retail Sale of Boxes and Packets
Retail Sale of Traffic and Guiding Boards and Accessories
Retail selling of inks and printing material
Retail Sale of Lighting Equipment and Accessories
Retail Sale of Aerials and Receivers
Retail Sale of Musical Instruments & Requisites
Retail Sale of Selling Video Games Devices
Retail Sale of Video Games
Retail Sale of Books
Retail Sale of Education Media and Models
Retail Sale of Stationery
Retail Sale of Office Equipment
Retail Sale of Advertisement and Media Instruments
Retail Sale of Newspapers and Magazines
Retail Sale of Audio-Visual Empty Tapes and Discs
Retail Sale of Audio Recorded Media
Retail Sale of Visual Recorded Media
Retail Sale of Children Games and Toys
Retail Sale of Children Games Accessories
Retail Sale of Children Toys with Remote Controls
Retail Sale of Photography Devices and  Accessories
Retail Sale of Photography Films and Material
Retail Sale of Specialized Photography Equipment Tools and Accessories
Retail Sale of Artifacts
Retail Sale of Frames, Photos and Portraits
Retail Sale of Old Stamps and Coins and the Like
Retail Sale of Cultural Environmental and Hand Made Products
Retail Sale of Parties and Events Accessory
Retail Sale of Congratulation and Invitation cards
Retail Sale of Multi-Dimensional Images (hologram)
Retail Sale of Spare Parts  Electrical and Electronic Devices
Retail Sale of Measurement and Control Equipment and Devices
Retail Sale of Kitchens Equipment and Accessories
Retail Sale of Public Call Equipment
Retail Sale of Dried Batteries
Retail Sale of Fiber-Optic Products, Accessories and Accessories
Retail Sale of Alarm and Surveillance Apparatuses and Equipment
Retail Sale of Alarm and Surveillance Apparatuses and equipment Spare Parts
Retail Sale of Scientific and Practical Equipment and Devices
Electronic Cards Trading
Retail Sale of Vending Machines
Retail Sale of Office equipment and Machinery
Retail Sale of Packaging and Wrapping equipment
Retail Sale Of E-Gates And Barriers
Retail Sale of Development equipment and Accessories
(G.P.S) Retail Sale of Global Positioning System
Retail Sale of Magnetic Technology Apparatuses
Retail Sale of stamps and accessories – retail
Retail Sale of Paper Products
Retail Sale of Packaging and Wrapping Material
Retail Sales of microelectronic devices
Retail Sale of electronic and ordinary fortified Treasuries
Retail Sale of Satellites’ Spare Parts
Retail Sale of Mind Abilities Development Equipment
Retail Sale of Used Electrical and Electronic Apparatuses and Tools
Retail Sale of Used Computers
Retail Sale of second-hand  books
Retail Sale of printing equipment and supplies
Retail Sale of  used Photocopier & spare part
Retail Sale of Publications and Media Material E-Commerce
Retail Sale of equipment and Devices E-Commerce
Retail Sale of Travel and Entertainment Services E-Commerce
Retail Sale of Goods and Products Via Television
Retail Sale of Goods and Products Via Phone
Retail Sale of Goods Using Catalogues
Retail Sale of  Electronic  Products and Services Online
News  Services through Websites
Mediation services in applications via websites
E-Commerce Through Websites
Retai sale of Equipments and Devices E-Commerce
Retai sale of Food Goods E-Commerce
Retai sale of House Professional and Personal Tools and Devices E-Commerce
Retai sale of Sports Competitive Tickets E-Commerce
Retai sale of Travel and Entertainment Services E-Commerce
Baggage and Luggage Packaging Services
Passengers’ Baggage Delivery
Transportation Consultancy
Aviation Consultancy
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) Services
Tourist Camp Services
Fishing, and hunting camps Services
Camps and Labor Accommodation  Management
Hospitality Services
Desserts Printing
Book Publication
Atlases, Maps and Charts  Publication
Audio-books Publication
Dictionaries and encyclopedias Publishing
Culture and Arts Print Publishing
Mailing Lists Publishing
Telephone Books Publishing
Law Guide Publishing
Parks and scientific research Guide Publishing
Newspapers Publication
Periodicals and Commercial Magazines Publication
Radio and television programs Publishing
Catalogs Publishing
Advertising material Publishing
Forms Publishing
Statistics or other information Publishing
Operating Systems Publishing
Business Applications Publishing
Computer Games Publishing
Cinema Films Production
Television Programs and Series Production
Dramatic Production
Documentary Films Photography
Commercial Advertisement Production
Cartoons Production
Television Special Effects and Sketches Production
Gaming Content Production
Films Production Supportive Services
Audio Studio
 Motion picture film laboratories and special laboratories for animated films
Film Libraries
Developing and Processing Cinema Films
Cinema Films Distribution
Art Production Services Contracts
Visual Recorded Media Distribution
Radio and Television Programs Distribution
Music Notes Publications
Audio Recordings Publication
Audio Recorded Media Distribution
Radio Programs and Audio Recordings Production
Telecommunications Services
Cable Television Channel
Establishment  and Management of Broadcasting Cable and Satellite TV Channels
Operating and Maintaining of Switching and Transmission Facilities
Operating of data and television signals distribution networks
Radio Broadcasting Station
 Telecommunications Services
Global Television Networks Programs Rebroadcasting Services
Cable and Wireless Networks Installation and Maintenance
Satellite Spatial Communications
Short Messages Services
Competitions Services on the Internet
Management and Operation of Satellite Receiving Stations
Computer Systems and Software Designing
Electronic Chips Designing and Programing
Systems and Software Designing of Electronic Equipment
Databases System Development
Network Websites Designing
Prototypes Design & Production
Software Development of Oil & natural Gas Fields
Social Networking Programs Development
Cyber Security Architecture
Secure Electronic Sites & Accounts
Quantum Computing Services
Computer Devices and Equipment Domain Consultancy
Information Technology Consultancy
Management and Operation Services of Computer Networks
Information Technology Network Services
Cyber Security Consultancy
Cyber Risk Management Services
Auditing Services of Cyber Security Risks
Electronic Network Consultancy
IT Infrastructure
Data  Classification & Analysis Services
Data Collection from One or More Sources
Data Storing and Recovering
E-Guide and Building E-Complexes
Data Entry Services
Websites Content Management
Light Archiving
Computer System Housing Services
Child Identification kit Making
Cloud Computing Services
Websites Operation using Search Engines
Media Site Operations
Information Technology
News Agency
Press Material Preparation and Distribution
Information and Questionnaire Research Services
Information Services, non-Commercial
Media Monitoring Services
Tourist Enterprises Investment and Management
Entertainment Enterprises Investment and Management
Infrastructure Enterprises Investment, Institution and Management
Education Services Enterprises Investment, Institution and Management
Patents Investment
Financial Consultancy and Financial Analysis
Banking Services Consultancy
Currencies and Precious Metals Rates Exposition Services
 Loans Rescheduling  Consultancy
Inheritance Risk Management
Securities Listing Consultancy
Securities Issuance Consultancy
Disclosure and Estimating Risks and Damages
Assessing Insurance Claim Services
Insurance Actuaries
Insurance Consultancy
Business Center
Real Estate Consultancy
Real Estate Evaluation Services
Real Estate Inspection Services
Legal Consultancy
Patents, Models, and Designs Registration Agency
Trade Mark Registration Agency
Intellectual Property  Registration Agency
Ownership Registration Agency
 Forensic Consultancy
 Legal Correspondence Receipt Services
Accounts Auditing
Tax Consultancy
Accounting and Book Keeping Services
Analyzing Of Accounting & Auditing Systems
Merging Companies and Evaluation Services
Warehouse’s and Establishment’s Inventory Services
Tax Agent Services
Management Office
Companies Representation
Corporate Services Provider (CSP)
Real Estate Representation Office
Companies And Private Institutions Management Services
Governmental Tourist Liaison Office
Academic Liaison Office
Media Representative Office
Public Relations Consultancy
Economical Feasibility Consultancy and Studies
Administrative Consultancy and Studies
Hotel Consultancy
Media Consultancy and Studies
Quality, Standardization and Measuring Consultancy
Human Resources Consultancy
Waste and Garbage Treatment Consultancy
Facilities Resources Planning Consultancy
Fine Arts Consultancy
Music Consultancy
Sport Studies Consultancy
Professional Safety and Health Consultancy
Spa & Fitness Clubs Consultancy
Project Development Consultancy
Islamic Financial Institutions Transactions Auditing Consultancy
Expenses and Risks Management Services
 Procurement Consultancy
Heritage Consultancy
Technical Equipment Consultancy
Logistics Consultancy
Parliamentary Consultancy
Cooking Consultancy
Tourism & Recreation Consultancy
Maritime Consultancy Services
Innovative Business Incubator
Innovation & Artificial Intelligence Research & Consultancies
General Facilities and Services Engineering Consultancy
General Facilities of Mechanical and Electrical Works
Electricity Facilities Engineering Consultancy
Electronic Engineering Consultancy
Water Desalination Plants Engineering Consultancy
Mechanical Engineering Consultancy
Power Plants Engineering Consultancy
Power Transmission and Distribution Engineering Consultancy
Mass Media Engineering Consultancy
Water Transmission and Distribution Engineering Consultancy
Survey Planning, Air Photography and Information Management Systems Engineering Consultancy
Sewerage, Wasted Water Collecting and Disposing  Engineering Consultancy
Medical Services and Laboratories Engineering Consultancy
Communications Engineering Consultancy
Street Lighting Engineering Consultancy
Irrigation Water Resources Engineering Consultancy
Information Systems Management Engineering Consultancy
Buildings Illumination and External Lighting Engineering Consultancy
Interior Design Engineering Consultancy
Architectural Engineering Consultancy
General Buildings Engineering Consultancy
Educational Facilities Engineering Consultancy
Civil Engineering Consultancy
Housing Engineering Consultancy
Green Buildings Engineering Consultancy
Buildings Energy efficiency   Services
Buildings Safety and Evacuation Engineering Consultancy
Buildings Central Gas Supply Engineering Consultancy
Chemical Industries Consultancy
Mining Industries Consultancy
Industrial Products and Machines Manufacturing Consultancy
Building Material Manufacturing Consultancy
Food Industries Consultancy
Metal Industries Consultancy
Consumer Products Consultancy
Oil and Gas Facilities Consultancy
Oil and Gas Transportation Consultancy
Alternative Power and Researches Consultancy
Petroleum and Natural Gas Searching and Exploration Consultancy
Mines, Mining and Geological Engineering Consultancy
Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Consultancy
Power Preservation Consultancy
Comprehensive Architectural Planning Engineering Consultancy
Regional Planning Engineering Consultancy
Urban Planning Engineering Consultancy
Rural Planning Engineering Consultancy
Traffic and Transportation Planning Engineering Consultancy
Tourism Recreational and Entertainment Planning Engineering Consultancy
Landscaping and Coordinating Engineering Consultancy
Marine Area Engineering Consultancy
Real Estate Survey Services
Marine Transportation and Ports Engineering Consultancy
Port Operations Management Consultancy
Road Engineering Consultancy
Internal Road Engineering Consultancy
Bridges Engineering Consultancy
Public Transportation Engineering Consultancy
Traffic Engineering Engineering Consultancy
Tunnel Engineering Consultancy
Drilling and Reclamation Work Engineering Consultancy
Airports and Air Transportation Engineering Consultancy
Dams, Hydraulic and Geological Works Engineering Consultancy
Railway Engineering Consultancy
Mobile Transportation Systems Consultancy
Volume, Noise and Vibrations Control Consultancy
Land Survey Engineering Consultancy
Cadastral Engineering Consultancy
Computer Engineering Consultancy
Electricity Engineering Consultancy
Agriculture, Animal and Fisheries Wealth Engineering Consultancy
Shipment, Offloading and Storing Facilitation Engineering Consultancy
Security Systems Consultancy
Engineering Projects Quantities Calculations and Inventory Consultancy
Feasibility Studies Engineering Consultancy
Soil Testing and Classification Engineering Consultancy
Environment Pollution Control and Protection  Engineering Consultancy
Ship Building Engineering Consultancy
Weather Forecasting and Aviation Devices Engineering Consultancy
Land Reclamation and Soil Improvement Consultancy
Environmental Planning Engineering Consultancy
Agriculture and Agricultural Mechanization Engineering Consultancy
Foundations and Soil Mechanics Engineering Consultancy
Animal Wealth Engineering Consultancy
Repair and Antiquities Preservation Engineering Consultancy
Engineering Projects Management Consultancy
Constructional Projects Management
Industrial Projects Management
Agricultural Projects Management
Auto-control and Power Engineering Consultancy
Electronic Devices Engineering Consultancy
Industrial Production Engineering Consultancy
Air-conditioning, Cooling, Heating and Ventilation Engineering Consultancy
Liquids Mechanics Engineering Consultancy
Aviation Engineering Consultancy
Mechanical Power Engineering Consultancy
Mining and Mines Equipment Engineering Consultancy
Geophysics, Geo-chemistry and Geo-mechanic Engineering Consultancy
Petroleum Recycling Engineering Consultancy
Materials Manufacturing   Engineering Consultancy
Metals Engineering Consultancy
Plastics Engineering Consultancy
Buildings and Engineering Models Technical Consultancy
Architectural Production and Drawing Technical Consultancy
Drilling Engineering, Reservoir and Production Consultancy
Commodities Designing Consultancy
Geo-engineering Survey Engineering Consultancy
Geographical Maps Drawing
Aviation Devices Engineering Consultancy
Physical Engineering Consultancy
Nuclear Engineering Consultancy
Machines Mechanics Engineering Consultancy
Heavy Machinery Engineering Consultancy
Petroleum and Gas Tank Pipes Building Engineering Consultancy
Petroleum Recycling Units Engineering Consultancy
Gas Extraction Engineering Consultancy
Raw Material Installation Engineering Consultancy
Car Engineering Consultancy
Petrochemical Engineering Consultancy
Aviation Communication Services and Civil Aviation Consultancy
Claims Analysis Engineering Consultancy
Engineering Projects Arbitration Engineering Consultancy
Development Planning Engineering Consultancy
Safety and Prevention against Fire Engineering Consultancy
Energy Radiation Consultancy
Green Buildings Consultancy
Tectonic Monitoring and Earth Crack Engineering Consultancy
Industrial Machines Maintenance and Technical Operation Solutions Consultancy
District Cooling Plants Engineering Consultancy
Building Engineering Plans Examination
Security Systems Testing and Checking Services
Devices and Electronic Equipment Examination
Documents & Data Verification Services
Industrial Installations Inspection Consultancy
Trademark Services
Quality, Evaluation, Measurement and Calibration Certification Services
Cables Safety Inspection and Measurement
Halal Quality & Conformity Certification Services
Testing and Measuring Of Environmental Indicators Services
Studies and Researches in Natural and Engineering Sciences Consultancy
Environmental Studies and Researches Consultancy
Pharmaceutical Studies & Researches
Geological and Geophysical  Studies and Researches Consultancy
Renewable Energy Studies and Researches
Space Technology Research and Development
Cloud Computing Research and Development
Smart Systems Research and Development
Equipment and Devices Security and Surveillance Research and Development
Jamming Equipment and  Systems Research and Development
Measurement and Control Equipment and Devices Research and Development
Phenomena Monitoring Devices Research and Development
Multi-dimensional Printing Research and Development
Robots Research and Development
Mixed Reality and Digital Simulation Research and Development
Biotechnological Services
Quantum Computing Research and Development
Development and innovation in computer systems and programs
Economics Studies and Researches Consultancy
Sociology Studies and Researches Consultancy
Archeology Studies and Researches Consultancy
Linguistics Studies and Researches Consultancy
Legal Sciences Studies and Researches Consultancy
Literature and Arts Studies and Researches Consultancy
Technology Education Research and Development Consultancy
Advertisement Agency
Air Advertisements
Promotional Gifts Preparing
Advertisement Material and Samples Distribution
Advertisements Designing and Production
Preparation and Implementation of Trade Publications
External Advertisement
Design, Production and Installation of Billboards
Mobile Cars Advertisements
Bikes Advertising
Audio-visual Devices and Network Advertisements
Newspapers Advertisements
Advertising Consultancy and  Studies
Plastic Products and Plastics Marketing and Promotion
Petrochemical Products Marketing and Promotion
Glass Products Marketing and Promotion
Natural Gas Products Marketing and Promotion
Promoting of Pharmaceutical Products
Sports Events Marketing
Newspapers and Magazine Distribution
Book Distribution
Websites Advertising Services
Marketing Consultancy and Studies
Marketing Operations Management
Statistical Services Consultancies
Branding Services
Energy Marketing Consultancy
Fashion and Clothes Designing
Jewelry and Precious Jewelry Design
Design Services
Photographic Commercial Photos Production
Production Models by three-Dimensional Imaging
Photography Studio
Personal Videotaping
Parties and Events Photography
Film Developing and Photo Printing
Microfilm Developing
Air Photography
Photographic Film Processing
Three-dimensional Images Production (hologram)
Automatic Selling Equipment’s Instant Photography
Projects Construction Photography
Inspection and Pricing Services
Marine Transportation Inspection and Classification
Air Transportation Inspection and Classification
Legal Translation Services
Movies and Television Translation Services
Brokerage Services
Diving Services
Swimming Areas Rescue Services
Contingency Planning Services
Publications Translation Services
Civil Engineering Experts Consultancy
Immigration Service
Agricultural Extension Services
Lifestyle Development Consultancy
Veterinarian Consultancy
Animal Behavior Consultancy
Entertainment Tools and Sports Equipment Renting
Children Games Renting
Bicycles Renting
Recreational Boats Renting
Water Bikes Leasing
Skis Renting
Digital Media Films Renting
Magnetic Tapes Films Renting
Clothes and Accessories  Renting
Occasions Accessories and Furniture Renting
Blankets, Towels and Mattresses Renting
Electrical and Electronic Devices and
Household Appliances Renting
Books, Magazines and Newspapers Renting
Precious Jewelry and Gems Renting
Tents and umbrellas rental
Trips supplies and equipment renting
Musical Instruments Rental
Motor-carriage Rental
Photography Film Equipment Renting
Wireless Communication Devices Renting
Wired Communication Apparatuses and Equipment Renting
Recreational Sail Planes Leasing
Balloon Renting
Caravans Rental
Computer Machines and Equipment Renting
Sleeping Cabins Rental
Mobile Phones Rental
UAS leasing
Management and control of Intellectual Property Rights
Artists, Actors and Playwrights Operation Office
Freelancer’s Services
General Aviation Sales Agent
Travel and Tourism Agent
International Airline Representative Office
Sales of Travel Tickets
Land Transport Agent
Organizing Hajj and Umrah Voyages
Organizing Tourist Trips for Hunting by Falcons
Internal Tourism Journeys Organizer
External Tourism Voyages Organizer
Organize Educational and Recreational Trips
Sport Events & Festivals Tickets Marketing
Festivals and Art Events Marketing
Tourism Guiding Services,
Tourism and Entertainment Consultancy
 Guests Reception Services
Tourism Promotion
Hotels Security Services
Events Security Services
Alarm and Television Control Observing Systems
Financial Investigations Services
Advertisement Boards Cleaning Services
Sports Grounds & Racetracks Greenery Services
Hotel Management
Theatres and Cinemas Management
Restaurants Management
Wedding Halls Management
Tourist Resorts Management
Educational Facilities Management
Technological Projects Management
Facilities Management Services
Apartments Hotel Management
Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives Management
Typing and Documents Photocopying Services
Documents Copying Services
Maps and Drawings Copying Services
Documents Saving Services
Documents Destroying Services
Document Editing & Proofreading Services
Call Centers Services
Fonts directory information assistance services
Exhibitions Organization and Management
Conferences and Symposiums Organization and Management
Fashion Shows Organization
Art Works Exhibition Organization
Sports Exhibition Organization
Event Management and Organization
Claims Settlement Services
Paid Taxes Claim Services
Barcodes Services
Translation Services
Transactions Follow-up Services
Administrative Services – Businessmen Services
Commercial Information Services
Agents Care Centre
Visa Services
Work Procedures and Policies  Audit & Inspection Services
Loyalty Card Services
Society Colleges and Intermediate Colleges
Professional Specialized Institute
University College
Internet University
Sports Academy
Dance Training
Music Training
Acting and Related Arts Training
Film-making Training
Theater Arts Training
Performing Arts Education
 Fine Arts Education
Photography Training
Calligraphy Education
Real Estate Training Institute
Translation Training
Aviation Training
Talented Children Development Center
Mental Calculation Education Training
Traffic Awareness Training
Computer Software Training
Administrative Business Training
Plastic Arts Training
Home Economics Training Services
Supplementary Education
Holy Quran Recitation Institute
Cultural Handicrafts Training
Technical and Professional Training
Online Training
Beauty Saloon Works Training (Men)
Beauty Saloon Works Training (Women)
Hospitality & Tourism Training Services
Banking & Finance Training
Hotel Education and Training
Insurance Business Training
Radio, Television and Journalist Training
Professional Safety and Prevention against Fire Procedures Training
Environment Protection Training
Languages Education Institute
Accountancy And Auditing Training
Electrical and Electronic Devices Technical Training
Petroleum Education
Nursery Teaching
First Aids Training
Marketing and Advertising Training
Behavioral and Social Science Training
Disabilities Learning Center
Sales Training
Personal Competencies Development and Training
Civil Engineering and Urban Planning Training
Transport Services Training
Fashion Design Training
Law Training Services
Secretarial & Office Work Training
Teachers Training and Development Institute
Ports Equipment & Operations Training
Radiation Protection Training
Medical Staff Training
Marine Staff Rehabilitation and Training
UAS Training Institute
 Children Behavioral Services
Food Safety Training
Aviation Engineering Training
Flower Arrangment & Gift Wrapping Training
Desert Driving Institute
Teaching Arabic To Non-Native Speakers
Artificial Intelligence Training
3D Printing Training
Robotic Technology Training
Educational Consultancy
Administrative Training Services
Universities and Institutions Admission Services
Standardized Test Training
Social, Psychological & Family Consultancy
Families of Special Needs Children Consultancy
Early Educational & Rehabilitative Services
Special Educational Services
Wedding Parties Organization
Parties & Events Organization
Artistic Bands Contracting
Music Band
Pop Arts Shows
Laser Shows Presentation
Fireworks Shows Presentation
Art Shows and Festivals Fulfillment
Festivals, Performing Arts and Music Fulfillment
Literary Festivals Fulfillment
Fine Arts Festival Fulfillment
Handcrafted Products and Environmental Works
Artwork for Cosmetic Craft (sculpture)
Models and Maquettes Fulfillment
Calligraphers & Painters
Public Library
Cultural Consultancy
Museums and Historic Buildings Manegment
Sports Clubs and Facilities Management and Operation
Sporting Events Management and Organization
Sports Races and Championships Organization Services
Horse Power Races Organization
Sports Services and Contracting
Sports Playgrounds Rental And Management
Water Games Entertainment
Educational Institutions’ Sport Facilities Leasing
Swimming Pools Operating Services
Self-defense Arts Training Club
Body Building Club
Men Fitness Club
Women Fitness Club
Yoga Club
Callisthenic Club
Operating hunting reserves for sporting purposes
Operating fishing reserves  sporting purposes
Race Stables Manegment
Sports Brokerage Service
Electronic Games Hall
Entertainment Toys
Entertainment Cars Games
Entertainment Cycles Games
Recreational Services for Kids with Disability
Recreational Services
Arcade Game Machines Operator
Dancing Hall
Observation Decks
Work Relations Development Council
Businessmen Forum
Computer Maintenance and Repair
Computer Display Devices Maintenance and Repair
Printers Maintenance and Repair
Computer Terminals (ATM’s) Maintenance and Repair
Telecommunication Equipment and Apparatuses Repairing
Mobile Phones Repairing
Sensors and Communication Systems Maintenance and Repair
House Electronic Apparatuses Repairing
Reform of the video, radio, television and photographic equipment home
Installation and repair of television receivers (antennas)
Sports Apparatuses and Equipment Repairing
Antiques  & Rare Collections Repair
Children Toys Repair
Musical Instruments Repair
Soap Forming Works